Easy creation of new invoices

With ecosio.SmartClient the creation of invoices for the Republic of Austria is an easy task. After you have registered, you enter your company master data. For every newly created invoice the relevant master data is automatically considered in the invoice, relieving you from entering information twice.

In order to ensure that your invoice is accepted by the Republic of Austria, ecosio.SmartClient enforces the use of the mandated invoice rules.

Usually, the amount of created invoices increases gradually. In order not to loose control over what has been invoiced and what must still be invoiced, the SmartClient allows for an easy tracking of already created and sent invoices. Using the search feature one may easily track down invoices based on the invoice data and the invoice number.

Furthermore, all invoices are safely stored electronically and may be retrieved later. Invoices which have already been accepted by the Republic of Austria may also be downloaded in PDF format.

Full control over all your sent invoices

Track the exact path of each of your invoices

Tracking the state of each sent invoice? With ecosio.SmartClient an easy job! Each invoice sent to the Republic of Austria must pass a two-step verification process. In the first step the syntactical correctness of the invoice is checked. ecosio.SmartClient guarantees that each invoice sent to the Republic passes this check. In a second step the content of the invoice is checked and the results are reported back to the SmartClient.

Using the SmartClient you have a complete overview of the exact state of each sent invoice. If necessary, you may correct rejected invoices and resend them again.